Version 4.0.26

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New color for depleted traffic

For users who have used their full download amount
 (internet package depleted) , their color changes to yellow .

Manager discount option

Now you can Make discount for every manager

Managers tree

Now you can Swap between managers easily and display all users that belongs to the selected manager , Also in managers list you can preview the parent Managers and their child Manager Whose under their service

Users repot

You don't have to search for users informations in our system .
 Now in user reports you can easily find every information about all of users and their managers , Also you have the ability to download the informations as an excel file

Limit number of activation using reward points

You don't have to worry about how many times the user will be activated using reward points, Because now you can decide how many times in month every user can be activated by reward points

Deposit and Withdrawal reward points

For users and managers , Now you can easily add or remove reward points manually

New widget , Showing number of online users on FUP service

Now you can easily find online users on FUP service and filter them also (non -FUP) . after filtering online users list you can easily get their number , also view them

UI optimization for mobile view

Its easy to use our system on your mobile now.
as you can see in the pictures , the system supports mobile browser and designed to be compatible with any device

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